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Achieve 1 Big Goal in 90 Days with Live Coaching, Real-Time Accountability, & A Supportive Network for More Time, Money, & Freedom in Your Life.
Take Your Life and Your Business to the Next Level.
Do you know where to start to achieve your next milestone? To grow your business, build passive income, to live the fulfilled life you imagined? Well, it's time to finally get the results you deserve! 

Join us for the 90-Day Massive Action Challenge. We'll provide the feedback you need to get started, the coaching to breakthrough your blind spots and barriers, and constant support to help you create your success. Start your journey toward becoming a whole-life millionaire today.
Regular Price: $4997  Limited Time Offer: $1997

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All you have to show us is that you fully went for it and if you're still not satisfied (and you don’t see value in the program), we'll happily return you every cent.
"This has changed my life. . . I've never felt more focused and committed to where I'm going."

- Jimmy Chase
This is NOT Another Digital Course! This is a Rare Opportunity to Join a LIVE, Interactive Community Dedicated to Your Peak Performance. 
We Want to Get to Know You Face-to-Face to Help You Achieve Greatness in the next 13 Weeks with:

Live Weekly Coaching

These coaching calls will crystallize your clarity and catapult you into action on live weekly calls to help you break through your road blocks.

Community Support

Exclusive access to our support team, coaches, and fellow members through our VIP Confidential, Private Facebook Group

Goal Setting Hacks

Learn the 5 steps to achieve any goal without losing momentum, and reward yourself along the way so you condition yourself to success. 

Our M1 Ecosystem

Our network of high achievers includes thought leaders, industry experts, and street smart millionaires all over the world. When you join us, you have access to our entire network. 

Gain Confidence

Together, we'll shatter your limiting beliefs and help you build yourself up with empowering ones. When obstacles come your way, you'll be better equipped to crush them and achieve your goals.

Achieve Your Target

In the next 90 days, you'll set one important goal that excite you and we'll give you the feedback, and support you need to make it happen. You'll impress yourself with new skills you'll have for life. 

What Amazing Result Can You Achieve in 90 Days?
Having the tools and resources simply isn't enough. Our community of high achievers bands together so that we rise together as we adopt the practices of the most successful people in the world. 

We'll teach you everything we know to help you get clear on what you want and why you want it. Together, we'll develop your burning desire to take action and step outside of your comfort zone towards more fulfillment and freedom in your life.

"I paid off all credit card debt."

"I made a 90 day RRAFT goal to pay off all of my credit cards in full. I had no idea if it was possible and it was a stretch.

 I'm so grateful and happy to say I paid it all off as of Christmas Eve! Great holiday gift for me! I also was able to join an M1 Partner Course to be more wise and responsible with credit."
- Arron Lloyd

Regular Price: $4997  Limited Time Offer: $1997

      Who's Running it? 

    The 90 Day Massive Action Challenge is presented by your whole-life millionaire dynamic duo, Rock and Rose Thomas.

     Why Should I Join?

     How Do I Sign Up? 

     How Much Does it Cost?

     Where is it?

    Is Your Network Holding You Back? 
    Most people don't achieve their goals largely due to the lack of a supportive environment. The intention is there, but then motivation dwindles and you fall into old habits. You ask for feedback and instead of being encouraged by trusted advisors and mentors, you're faced with people who don't see your full potential, people who bring you down rather than raise you up

    You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so who is in your tribe?  Are they where you want to be? Or are they holding you back? 

    ​We believe the journey to success can be meaningful, and enjoyable — when you share it with people who care about your goals as much as you do.
    Why Choose Us? 
    • Our Approach:  We truly care about each and every one of our members and support your individual journey. We know that there is no "one-size-fits-all" success formula, so we focus on building habits, best practices, and moving your mindset from scarcity to one of abundance on the road to whole-life millionaire status. And we have fun doing it!
    • ​Access to a High-Level Network: We are here to accelerate your path to fulfillment and financial abundance by connecting you with a community of like-minded, high achievers to reach and exceed common goals.
    • World-Class Content: Our content is a unique combination of the lessons from the most successful people on the planet. For years, Rock Thomas traveled the world and studied one-on-one with the world’s best teachers including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, John Gray, David Deida, David Wolfe, Jack Canfield, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, and Stephen Covey just to name a few. In this program, you get to have INSTANT ACCESS to all the knowledge he's acquired through his 30+ years in the industry to learn the strategies and techniques of whole-life millionaires.

    For $1997 You Get These Bonuses Too! ($2795 Value)

    The Sunday System for Success is a 7-step process to dramatically increase your productivity. 
    Win back 10 hours per week! (Priceless) and Finally take back the time you need to work on your businesses, your mindset, and your self-care ($799 Value)
    There are lessons and rules that successful people have mastered that can take a lifetime to learn. The Top 10 Rules of Success gives you instant access to these lessons to push your growth, shift your mindset and inspire you to take massive action in all areas of your life ($997 Value)
    At the end of your 90-Day Massive Action Challenge, you will have the option of applying $250-$500* of your investment of this program to your M1 Membership, when you choose to join. To find out more about M1 - click here and discover your tribe of high achievers committed to the path of financial freedom and whole-life fulfillment.
    *Credit amount depends on the program you choose.
    *Access to the Sunday System for Success and Top Ten Rules of Success is only available for the duration of the challenge. To maintain access, join our M1 group or email for more information.
    Don't just take it from me. With my help, these people are reaching and exceeding their goals of creating passive income streams and living more fulfilled lives than ever.

    "I got the single largest paycheck I've ever gotten."

    "My goal for the 90-Day Massive Action Challenge was to build up my freelance business. Last week a client sent me the single largest paycheck I’ve ever gotten—by far! And I signed a new project with them! Sixty days into the challenge, I've already surpassed my freelance income from last year, and we're only 4 months into the year! "

    - Rolando Archila

    "I started my online business."

    "I loved crushing a specific goal, the weekly call, and the accountability partners every week. When I decided that I was going to see a $20K revenue from my business by July 15th, I had NO website and ran on a tight budget. Now, I have 2 online stores and the credit secured to get started. I also found a business partner. Everything is remote, online, and so worth it. The 90 Day Challenge is a great vehicle to get what you want! "
    - Marie-Helene Lamarre

    "I started house-hacking and put back $1500 per month in my pocket."

    "My commitment was to house hack. My goal was to write an offer on a multifamily property. Not only did I achieve my goal, but the offer was actually accepted! This would not have happened this fast if it were not for the 90-day challenge. I hope everyone is getting as much out of this as I am. You get what you put into it! Let's keep pushing and crush our goals. "
    - Nicholas Gross

    "I got out of my comfort zone to grow my business."

    "When I first began the 90 Challenge, I wanted to get eyes on what I was doing. Since joining, I've found the joy in being productive & thinking about how to get the most out of this time. I have come out of my comfort zone and reached out to agencies about my business, and had two agencies reach out to negotiate with me. I'm even rewarding myself in ways I find valuable. Thank you, Rock & Annette, for putting together the 90 day Challenge. "
    - Jean Loyd

    "It helped open up another side of my life."

    "What really resonated for me is the spiritual side of things. We dive a lot deeper into meditations, and why we do meditations, and a lot of different things besides just discussing business, and I think it helped open up another side of my life that's going to help create more of a whole for me as a person..."
    - Mike Christianson

    "It really opened my eyes."

    "It really opened my eyes to the different types of people and methods that can move your life forward quickly...That's when things started to change drastically. The coaching, the training, the experience of those around you, the accountability, all can make a really big difference in your life very quickly. "
    - Jenna Swinwood

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    All you have to show us is that you fully went for it and if you're still not satisfied (and you don’t see value in the program), we'll happily return you every cent.